Port of Crotone

The port of Crotone, classified by Ministerial Decree 04.12.1976 in the first class of the second category of national ports, is constituted by two distinct basins, not communicating between them. The smaller, located in the E-SE of the city, is the oldest and is called Old Port, the main building, located in the northern part of the city is referred to as the New Port.

The Old Port enclosing a body of water of 66,400 square meters. Within the 1,200 meters of quay formed along the quays inner and outer reef . It has depths of five meters and offers safe mooring for small units of tonnage.

The entrance exposed to E-SE makes it difficult to access with the winds of the second and third quadrant.
The basin consists mainly of pleasure craft and fishing boats of the local marine fishing.
As part of the Old Port is operating a shipyard equipped for the construction of small wood units and for the repair and maintenance of pleasure boats for the distribution of fuels.
The New Port enclosing a body of water of about 1,105,000 square meters. with depths from six to twelve meters. It is protected on the east by the quayed length of 1,725 meters, oriented N-NW, 6
and to the west by the breakwater consists of three arms oriented NE total length of 920 meters.
The access channel to the port is 220 meters wide and the mouth is well protected from all winds.

The quays "Once", "Foraneo", "Riva", "Broken" and "Sottoflutto" in length respectively equal to 253 meters, 372, 380, 88, 1050, have quays the total area of 143,500 square meters.
The fire service is ensured by means of mobile equipment of the local detachment of the Fire Department located in the port area.
They secured the services of port pilotage, towage and mooring.
Offshore platforms are placed for the production of hydrocarbons that possess the prescribed signaling systems and linking them up the coast from subsea pipelines.