Port of Corigliano

The port infrastructure inclusive the stretch of water, covers a total area of about 1,300,000 square meters and is divided into a basin evolution, 2 docks and  7 quays arranged in parallel according to the coast line.

The "dock east " is a width of about 180 meters and is enclosed by the docks 1, 2 and 3. The "dock west of the west" has a width of about 180 meters and is enclosed by quays 5, 6 and 7.

The considerable width of the outer ensures refuge in case of bad weather, and allows for a quick and direct landing, as well as the evolving of about 90/110 ° to earn the middle line of "dock east " and drive to quay 1/2 / 3 with an easy mooring.
The technical characteristics size of the port are:
entrance width: 185 meters; basin evolution: operating diameter 600 meters, width second opening (separation of basin evolution from the docks and bounded by the inner brush at the head and the embankment in front of the Maritime Station): 200 meters ;
quay 1 (wharf east): length 750 meters intended for the mooring of cargo ships in commercial operations. The performance of the quay is not straight for its entire length: there is a first stretch along 700 meters measured from the root and a second portion 50 meters long which, in continuation, it joins with the inner brush. The mooring cleats are positioned at intervals of 25 meters;
dock. n. 2: length 180 meters of which 35 meters concerned by a slide, possible mooring used as ferry and ro-ro ships, located near the dock root 1. On the dock which are placed n.9 cleats of which 3 dedicated to the slide;
quay 3: length 420 meters along which are positioned n. 16 cleats;
quay 4: length 180 meters along which are positioned n. 7 cleats;
quay 5 length of 420 meters which 100 meters intended for the ship of state. Are placed on the dock n. 20 cleats , of which 6 in the reserved area to the ship of state;
quay 6: length 70 meters intended for the ship of state. On the dock are placed 7cleats;
quay 7 (wharf west): length 450 meters along which are positioned 28 cleats.

All the docks are around 3 meters high above sea level, except the quay 5 (in the first 100 meters measured from the root), the 6 and 7 which are high about 1 meter and a half above sea level.
The surface of the yards operating is the following:
160,000 square meters, behind the quay 1 (east dock) 76,000 square meters enclosed between quays 3, 4 and 5; 55,000 square meters behind the quay 2, the square enclosed by the quays 3, 4 and 5 and the quay 6 and bordered the south side of the fence port facility; 10,000 square meters behind the quay 7 (West Quay).
The depths are approximately as follows:
entrance port: 12 meters; basin evolution: 12 meters; dock 1 (dock east ): 12 meters; dock 2 (dock east  ): 7 meters.

Utilization is established over time of the docks which, in principle, saw and still sees:

in the quay 1, mooring merchant vessel traffic;
In the quay 4, mooring and occasionally for tuna traps of those ships (eg oceanographic) to be technical visits (the average period of rest was 40 days); in the remaining quays, mooring of fishing vessels, local traffic, pleasure as well as naval units of the State in the last section of the quay 5 and in the quay 6.