Gioia Tauro Port AutorityGioia Tauro Port Autority

Autorità di Sistema Portuale dei
Mari Tirreno Meridionale e Ionio

C.V. (CP) Andrea Agostinelli

President since 18/06/2021

Institutional functions:

  • Represents the Port System Authority;

  • Chairs the Management Committee;

  • Shall submit to the  Management Committee, for approval, the three-year operational plan;

  • Shall submit to the  Management Committee , for adoption, the port master plan;

  • Submit to the Committee schemes resolutions regarding the budget and changes, the final accounts and the treatment of the Secretary-General, as well as the implementation of the contractual agreements relating to the technical and operational staff of the secretariat;
  • Proposes to the port committee schemes resolutions regarding the concessions;

  • Ensure coordination of the activities carried out in the port by public administrations, as well as the coordination and control of activities subject to authorization and licensing, and port services;

  • Administers areas and state maritime assets forming part of the territorial district;

  • Exercise the powers conferred by law and the port authority shall, after consulting the port committee , authorizations and concessions, the amount of related payments, in accordance with the provisions contained in the decrees of the Ministry of Transport and Navigation;

  • Promotes the establishment of the association of port work;

  • Ensure the navigability of the port area and provides, with the intervention of the excavation ports, the maintenance and deepening of the seabed;

  • Exercise the tasks proposal on the delimitation of the zones, after hearing the Maritime Authority and local governments concerned.